About Da Blog

So I had an epiphany the other day. Well, less of an epiphany and more of a kick up the arse from my guiltily, lazy conscious. I was yet again sat within the groove of an indentation I have made in my bed, tirelessly scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed all the while telling myself to turn away from the screen  to either pick up the book I was reading or jot down something interesting in my now dusty journal. As is life, time passed and suddenly it was time to sleep. Nothing had been achieved.


Now, I am not delving into the details of one particular occasion, but instead this lack of mental stimulation has become my getting-home-from-work regime. My brain now fights to watch a thought-provoking, slow-moving, dialogue-driven film and yet will always succumb to the allure of opting to watch Take Me Out, for which I sit mindlessly drooling over the loud noises, abundance of fake tan and the overall spectacle of an ITV Saturday night show – real mass audience driven T.V. Similarly, I come home from work with plans to write the next part of my blog, or write a review, try my hand at a bit of poetry – and similarly, I find myself reading and re-reading the day’s Facebook activities detailing my digital friends’ posts. Ergh.

So alas, I am here now writing this in a spontaneous burst of productivity, hoping that I maintain it somewhat and actually overload the internet with what at least I believe is better than the mindless drudge that occupies social networks. Even if no one ever reads this, I at least will have a neat, clean and paper-free back catalogue of my notes and random ramblings.

Check out the different sections:

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– Reviews

– Short Stories

My name is Dean Kay – Barry

This is my blog.

I hope you enjoy.

Or not, I couldn’t really give a fuck.


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